WELCOME TO Mr Spotless!
The company with 5 businesses under 1 roof.

We at Mr Spotless are able and have the potential so start new business from start. For each business we have the ideal package and to provide products and know-how to help each business owner.

Mr Spotless can provide a Master License for any country or any province in South Africa. Should a potential buyer purchase a Master License  a complete business outlet will be provide as his first model included with the purchased price.

Each Master license owner would be able to sell a Small Business in  his or her province in any town.

Should the potential customer need a  Small business like Car wash, cleaning service, carpet cleaning , laundry or a shop, we at Mr spotless will help to start the 5 business under one roof concept in his or her area.

With our new product inventions, we will supply to each business products at very very low cost and that makes  cleaning  become a daily lifestyle.